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Extend your warranty by up to 24 months with our extended warranty programme.

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Service FAQ's

How can I contact for service enquiry ?

Please fill the Form above. Our representative will call you within 24 hours.

What is the Axiom Product warranty

12 months against any manufacture defects.

What is the out of warranty service cost

Refer the chart given below:- Warranty & Cost

How and where can I get my product serviced

Get your complain registered at (Toll Free: 1800-572-4748). If you have difficulties in registring on toll free number kindly fill the form and our representative will contact you in 24 hours. Form above.

How to apply for extended warranty.

Extended warranty will be available when purchasing charger first time. for other information kindly contact our service team: 1800-572-4748.

How do I clean Axiom Products

We only recommend dry cleaning of exteriors with a clean cloth. For off board chargers ( Chargers with cooling via fan and open air vents on both sides) any form of liquid cleaning is to be completely avoided. Only onboard chargers with IP 67 rating ( completely sealed chargers which may have fans on top) and above to be cleaned with liquid.

What is all covered under warranty

Generally warranty is considered against any manufacturing defects. however the fallowing may be a list of exceptions (but not limited to only these)

  • Connector damages
  • Any liquid ingress
  • Tampering with warranty sticker
  • Physical damages to the charger
  • Damages to any external fans, cables.
  • unathasraised opening or servicing of products

  • How can I know there is a fault in the product

    The following can be the possible symptoms of internal failure: If the LED is are completely not glowing despite input power being available. If only red LED glows despite input power being available. if fan doesn’t rotate (LEDs may glow or may not glow ). If LEDs blink randomly or unusually from their regular behaviour.